Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Potential benefits of a community garden include:

Food Production= food security and education- Community gardens enable people to have food in a national crisis situation by teaching through example and encouragement.

Nutrition- Research indicates that community gardeners eat more fruits and vegetables than those who do not.

Exercise- Physical activity is required to participate in a garden.

Mental Health- Interacting with plants and nature itself helps reduce stress and increase the gardener’s sense of wellness and belonging.

Community- Fostering a sense of community identity and stewardship among gardeners, the park’s community garden space could provide a place for folks of diverse backgrounds to interact and share cultural traditions.

Environmental Benefits- Increase biodiversity, reduce runoff from rain, recycle local organic materials, and reduce fossil fuel consumption from long-distance food transport.

Learning- People of all ages can acquire and share skills related to gardening, cooking, nutrition, health, culture, local history, etc.

Youth Empowerment- Community gardens provide a place for youth to explore gardening, nature and community.

Lengthened Income- Produce grown at the community garden will help local folks offset their grocery bill.

Crime Prevention- It is proven that community gardens can help reduce crime.

Property Values- Gardens of all kinds increase the value of properties than without.

Publicity- As part of the Outreach Committee, our garden will be toured by local newspapers, radio stations and other gardening groups.  

Above all, a community garden can provide a sense of satisfaction and health for all involved.

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