Monday, April 14, 2014


This past Saturday, I gave away donated seeds and tools to my neighbors.

After learning the stories behind the people the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Garden benefits, I feel grateful to help, even a little bit. I think you may too. 

Here's a few stories:

     A mother of four children requested a packet of kale seeds, because she's craving kale chips like the ones I made for her last summer. Kale, people. KALE.

     A Christian teenager who is planning to someday be a mother of a large family wants to learn to garden, so I gave her seed packets of lettuce, peas, beans and squash. She also asked for calendula flower seeds after helping me harvest some last year to make an infused oil for our family's stock of winter lotion. She plans on sprinkling the petals onto salads and other foods for the festive appearance and medicinal qualities. She also accepted a hand cultivar.

     An older gentleman with a cane came to talk about his concerns of his soil quality, which we were able to look up in the donated reference books on hand, and share our own experiences. We also talked about our preferences of varieties of our favorite vegetables. He admitted his inability to "do it all", meaning grow his own seedlings for all the tomatoes and peppers he needs this year, and thanked us for providing the opportunity for help. Our conversation was nearly 30 mins, and he left with a wonderful week-by-week garden planning book, and approximately 10 seed packets. About 10 minutes after he left, he returned to share his contact information so I could call him to help on the Maintenance Crew for the community garden. 

     A mother of 4 children under the age of four has asked for lettuce seeds to fill up her simple raised-bed garden. She believes this is the best and simplest vegetable for her family at this time that she can manage this year.

     Widows, elders, families with lots of young children, and also, able-bodied friends that took a few packets of seeds to help lift the monthly budget and save a 20 min trip to the store or shipping fees.... These are the folks that the NHNG are helping. Low-income, Moderate-income or High-income; being here is what is making the difference. 
We help more folks garden. 
We share the abundance available, when we work together. 
We inspire, educate and empower. 

Lets eat more vegetables, reduce our carbon and water footprints by sourcing our food as local as possible and enjoy serving folks in our community.
Join me, just a little, and we can make the difference in both small and large ways.  

A BIG Thank You! to:

Stauffer Dairy Farm of Nicholville ----------------- tools, books
Agway/ Elliots of Winthrop ------------------------- seeds
Cornell Cooperation Extension Office ------------ seeds, informative handouts
Agway of Potsdam ------------------------------------ seeds
Slaters of Nicholville ---------------------------------- seeds and volunteer time
Aviva Gold of -------------------- inspiration, encouragement
Georgia Macy ------------------------------------------ books, wisdom, encouragement

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