Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Time to grow!

The garden has been planted!

I am thrilled with the quality and quantity we were able to fit!

Purple Cauliflower
Green Beans

There is a small jug containing a notebook and pencil hanging from the garden fence.
It contains the mission statement of Neighbors Helping Neighbors Garden, a Thank You list, a To-Do list, and contact info.

Can you please fill the water jug (hanging next to the info-jug) with water from the stream and water the seedlings next time you stop by?

The fence is almost finished~ we still need a bit more money to finish the gate and pay for the compost. We'll have a poster board and jar on display at Georgia Macy's garage sale to accept donations. Here's our Fundly account, if you would like to donate there:
$1 would be helpful :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Happy Fence Crew:

5 hours of effort has created a suitable fence!
Dustan McKee of McKee's Construction and Jared McCarger worked very well together this afternoon. I spread rabbit manure we purchased from Harry and Heather Radcliffe of St. Regis Falls. 

Thank you to Mrs. Cardinal, the neighbor who let us plug in an extension cord to run our saws. She refused cash to supplement her electric bill. Her suggestions based on her many years of gardening the area are invaluable. Our garden will also benefit from her dynamic yard full of wildlife and flowers! 

There is a little bit more to do before planting can begin. A final tilling (thank you Kellers!) will be done on Friday. Dustan McKee of McKee's Construction will be building a gate and installing a post soon too. More hardware needs to be bought. You can donate at our Fundly page on the blog post titled "Needs", or bring a little cash to put into our donation bucket at the garden site. You could also drop off a bag of cans or bottles as a donation.

Hope to see you on Sunday at 2PM, or later in the following weeks for watering, weeding and community summer fun! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Let's work together!

On May 25th, the day after the work crew puts the fence together, and 5 days after the local frost free date occurs, we are welcoming families and friends to join us in planting the community garden.

At 2PM that Sunday, at the old entrance, you will find us across from the basketball court.

We will have a few tools (Thanks Stauffer Farms!), but please try to bring your own, and gloves if you would like them.

If it isn't possible for you to come that day, we welcome you to visit the garden, and tend to what it will need as the season progresses.
There will be a bucket for folks to carry to the stream and gently pour a cup of water on each plant.
There will be a few weeds to pull out here and there.
There's always the opportunity to talk with other folks about what's going on with our group.
And the second Friday of the month, we need to harvest early * 7:30AM * for delivery to the Hopkinton Food Pantry.

Thank you so much.