Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Time to grow!

The garden has been planted!

I am thrilled with the quality and quantity we were able to fit!

Purple Cauliflower
Green Beans

There is a small jug containing a notebook and pencil hanging from the garden fence.
It contains the mission statement of Neighbors Helping Neighbors Garden, a Thank You list, a To-Do list, and contact info.

Can you please fill the water jug (hanging next to the info-jug) with water from the stream and water the seedlings next time you stop by?

The fence is almost finished~ we still need a bit more money to finish the gate and pay for the compost. We'll have a poster board and jar on display at Georgia Macy's garage sale to accept donations. Here's our Fundly account, if you would like to donate there:
$1 would be helpful :)

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