Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our first donation box!

We harvested lettuce this morning, to be donated to local families and elderly folks. 


And many many more boxes of vegetables to come!

Join our Maintenance Crew

We need help weeding and watering (approximately <1 hour)
All ages and abilities welcome!

Monday, June 30th 
10 AM

Located at the Fort Jackson Park, old entrance, across from the basketball court


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We've Reached our Funding Goal!

"The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation." 
Corrie Ten Boom

Thank you for all of the donations to the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Garden. All of the forms of help have been appreciated; our combined effort, inspiration, money, enthusiasm, seeds and tools is what has made it all possible.

We want to thank our Australian friends, Bigchief Daddydave and Michelle Stitson for donating a generous amount of money a Second time to help us reach our goal, providing the rest of the money to pay for the fence and compost!  It's an amazing feeling to be supported internationally by a  family of 6.
One earth, folks. Really. That's all we have. If we can help each other learn a better way, a healthier way, well... that's what I would call a life well lived. It's a responsibility to care for our communities by helping folks fall in love with gardening and good food, learning to feed their families. In this small way, we are able to respond to the interrelatedness of the worldwide crises.  

I'll continue the gratitude train by thanking
Jared McCargar and Maureen Snell Mccargar of Hopkinton, New York
Renee Stauffer and Stauffer Farms LLC
Dani Lindquist of Pennsylvania
Potsdam Agway
Elliott's Farm & Home Supply, Inc.
Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County
Whitten Farm of Winthrop
Slaters of Nicholville
Georiga Macy
Aviva Gold
Mary Converse
Mrs. Cardinal
Henry and Jan Keller
McKee's Construction of Hopkinton
and All of the grateful recipients and folks who spread the word about our project... thank you <3

Thank you to those who nominated us for GardenShare's Growing Community Award: Rebecca Pickens, Sustainable Living Project / Local Living Festival and others :)

Annnnnnd, Thank You to the Food is Free Project- your FB presence is most delightful and inspiring :)

Check back here on the blog for events, photos, inspiration and musings.
If you have a specific question, idea or conversation topic, leave a comment or email me at
T h a n k   y o u ~*

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Growing Community Award

Please consider nominating our Neighbors Helping Neighbors Garden for GardenShare's Growing Community Award. 

"The award recognizes a person or organization who has dedicated time and energy to strengthening a community-based food system... advocating for a healthier food supply"

Inspiring other folks to start a local community garden for their food bank, and encouraging more backyard gardens would be a great joy in being nominated for this award. Also, if folks felt motivated to visit our blog and donate through our account, we would be very grateful.
We are $50 short of our current goal (YAY!) and would use any more funds to extend the season, expand the garden, and any unforeseen expenses (like a bug spray or scarecrow). Furthermore, we could use $ to have a basic cooking and preserving class someday, to help others learn how to use garden produce.

We've served 25 local families, and distributed donations of approximately 300 seed packets/potatoes, 25 various hand tools, and 15 books/informative handouts. 

Submit nominations to 
or to GardenShare, P.O. Box 516, Canton, NY 13617.

Thank you so much~*

Click Here to Donate on our Fundly account~