Sunday, June 8, 2014

Growing Community Award

Please consider nominating our Neighbors Helping Neighbors Garden for GardenShare's Growing Community Award. 

"The award recognizes a person or organization who has dedicated time and energy to strengthening a community-based food system... advocating for a healthier food supply"

Inspiring other folks to start a local community garden for their food bank, and encouraging more backyard gardens would be a great joy in being nominated for this award. Also, if folks felt motivated to visit our blog and donate through our account, we would be very grateful.
We are $50 short of our current goal (YAY!) and would use any more funds to extend the season, expand the garden, and any unforeseen expenses (like a bug spray or scarecrow). Furthermore, we could use $ to have a basic cooking and preserving class someday, to help others learn how to use garden produce.

We've served 25 local families, and distributed donations of approximately 300 seed packets/potatoes, 25 various hand tools, and 15 books/informative handouts. 

Submit nominations to 
or to GardenShare, P.O. Box 516, Canton, NY 13617.

Thank you so much~*

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