Monday, July 21, 2014

NHNGarden Report for July 2014

This is a copy of the report made for our local town meeting. 

The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Garden has served 25 local families, and distributed donations of approximately 300 seed packets/potatoes, 25 various hand tools, and 15 books/informative handouts. 

We have produced 12 bags of fresh produce for the food pantry, with many more to come. 

August and September's produce bags will include 6 heads of broccoli, lettuce, radish, green beans and tomatoes. October's bags will also include potatoes, all produced without pesticides.  

2 families have helped established the garden, while 3 families have assisted with maintaing the garden. 
The blog has had over 500 views, and donations through it have helped to pay for the fence, hardware and compost. Notably, the largest donation was from a family in Australia.  

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