Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Harvest

Early this morning, a local volunteer and I harvested:

13 bags of lettuce
1 lb of green beans
8 bell peppers
and 4 lbs of broccoli/cauliflower!

The green beans are just getting started. The tomatoes are luscious, but still green. The lettuce seedlings will be ready for next month's food distribution day. If you have a 20 min block of time, please stop by and pick some weeds~ they are at their height right now, and I'm juggling a lot this month, so it would be greatly appreciated.

Georgia Macy, the food bank's director, was thrilled to have this much fresh produce, especially because a NY state inspector was planning to visit. Last visit, he requested that they provide more fresh foods. Hopefully, we can continue to grow more and better!